REDAS is a key stakeholder in the real estate and development industry in Singapore.  It is one of the most important real estate organisations in Singapore, providing a platform for the views of everyone involved in the real estate industry.  Its focus on advocating pro-business and real estate operating environment has firmly entrenched it as the leading representative body for the industry.

REDAS Members have contributed immeasurably to the transformation of Singapore into a cosmopolitan global city, making it one of the most liveable cities in the world. The Association together with its members will continue to champion excellence and sustainable developments in our built environment, while meeting market imperatives.

Members of the Management Committee would like extend their sincere appreciation to all members for their strong continual support over the years. The benefit to members and the support of businesses will continue to be the focus of the Association’s goals and programmes.

REDAS is firmly committed to build on our strong foundation and to deliver an inclusive organisation that represents enterprises big and small in real estate and a badge of best practices accepted by all.

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