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REDAS conducts courses and workshops on topics that meet the specific needs of the real estate industry.  This is to keep industry practitioners at the forefront of development in the built environment.

To find out more of REDAS courses and workshops, click on the respective PDF documents as shown below.  Should you have any additional questions about our courses and workshops, please feel free to drop us an email ( or
contact us (Tel: 6336 6655).


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Event Start End Details
[Registration closed due to full class] Strata Development Management Training Part 4: Post-1st Annual General Meeting & Handing Over of Strata Development Management *SBF RISE-supported*22 Jul 2021 (Thu)22 Jul 2021 (Thu)Click here
Workshop: Best Practices on Property Maintenance26 Feb 2014 (Wed)26 Feb 2014 (Wed)Click here
Workshop for CEO or Top Management (bizSAFE L1)05 Dec 2014 (Fri)05 Dec 2014 (Fri)Click here
Workshop for CEO / TOP MANAGEMENT (3 hours, bizSAFE LEVEL 1)04 Sep 2015 (Fri)04 Dec 2015 (Fri)Click here
WSH - Develop A Risk Mgmt Implementation Plan (bizSAFE L2)15 Oct 2014 (Wed)16 Oct 2014 (Thu)Click here


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