List of seminars on topics that meet the specific needs of the real estate industry. 


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Event Start End Details
REDAS IDD SYMPOSIUM 201903 Oct 2019 (Thu)03 Oct 2019 (Thu)Click here
REDAS Collaborative Alliance Conference 201901 Oct 2019 (Tue)01 Oct 2019 (Tue)Click here
BCA-REDAS Quality & Productivity Seminar 201906 Aug 2019 (Tue)06 Aug 2019 (Tue)Click here
REDAS Property Market Update Seminar 201911 Jul 2019 (Thu)11 Jul 2019 (Thu)Click here
SGBC-REDAS Joint Seminar: Economy for Green30 May 2019 (Thu)30 May 2019 (Thu)Click here
REDAS-RICS Smart Buildings Conference 201906 Mar 2019 (Wed)06 Mar 2019 (Wed)Click here
BCA-REDAS Built Environment and Property Prospects Seminar 201914 Jan 2019 (Mon)14 Jan 2019 (Mon)Click here
REDAS WSH-Leadership Seminar 201814 Dec 2018 (Fri)14 Dec 2018 (Fri)Click here
REDAS BIM Symposium 2018 and Workshops03 Oct 2018 (Wed)04 Oct 2018 (Thu)Click here
REDAS Property Market Update Seminar 201817 Jul 2018 (Tue)17 Jul 2018 (Tue)Click here


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