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As an Association for the real estate industry, REDAS provides a broad array of services beneficial to our members. Aside from representing the interest of developers through regular dialogues with the various government agencies and industry partners, REDAS recognises as well that connection is key to a successful business. Hence, various networking activities are organised to allow our members to interact and explore business opportunities.


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Event Start End Details
REDAS Members' Networking Session - Rescheduled12 Jan 2018 (Fri)12 Jan 2018 (Fri)Click here
REDAS Members' Networking Session05 Jan 2018 (Fri)05 Jan 2018 (Fri)Click here
REDAS Member-Developers' Lunch11 Dec 2017 (Mon)11 Dec 2017 (Mon)Click here
REDAS Members' Networking Session17 Aug 2017 (Thu)17 Aug 2017 (Thu)Click here
REDAS Members' Networking Session08 Jun 2017 (Thu)08 Jun 2017 (Thu)Click here
REDAS Member-Developers' Lunch 05 May 2017 (Fri)12 Jul 2017 (Wed)Click here
REDAS Members' Networking Session07 Apr 2017 (Fri)07 Apr 2017 (Fri)Click here
REDAS Member-Developers' Lunch01 Mar 2017 (Wed)01 Mar 2017 (Wed)Click here
REDAS Members Networking Session21 Dec 2016 (Wed)21 Dec 2016 (Wed)Click here
REDAS Members Networking Session26 Aug 2016 (Fri)26 Aug 2016 (Fri)Click here


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