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REDAS organises business and study trips as part of its business facilitation efforts to help members to network, establish contacts and tap into business opportunities abroad. Apart from meetings with regulators, participants will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded business associates to exchange ideas, identify trends as well as gain a deeper understanding of the major challenges and opportunities of real estate development abroad.

Going forward, REDAS will deepen engagement and raise the awareness and appreciation of the real estate industry among the young.  The Association hopes to raise the bar through the REDAS Young Leaders Committee as we organize study trips to raise the standard of professionalism and pave the way for more innovative urban solutions for the real estate industry. 


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Event Start End Details
REDAS Business & Study Trip to Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)21 Oct 2018 (Sun)26 Oct 2018 (Fri)Click here
REDAS Networking Trip to KL 09 May 2014 (Fri)10 May 2014 (Sat)Click here
REDAS Real Estate Business Trip to Shanghai 27 Nov 2013 (Wed)30 Nov 2013 (Sat)Click here
Site Visit to Iskandar Malaysia05 Aug 2013 (Mon)05 Aug 2013 (Mon)Click here
REDAS Trip to Jakarta15 May 2013 (Wed)17 May 2013 (Fri)Click here
Site Visit to Iskandar Malaysia23 Jan 2013 (Wed)23 Jan 2013 (Wed)Click here


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