The Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (REDAS) is comprised of members from all key property developers of Singapore.

Aimed to protect and safeguard the legitimate interests of its members, REDAS is active in making representations to all bodies, public or semi-public in nature, that concern the planning, organisation, promotion, development, financing and administration of businesses in real estate and public utilities.

To uphold the quality of products by REDAS' members, we also provide conciliation panel services for purchasers who are dissatisfied with their respective vendor for win-win solutions.

Our History

Our Association had a unique beginning. In the late Fifties, when the increase in demand for more housing developments become apparent, many companies jumped onto the bandwagon. To safeguard the interests of the public and to prevent malpractice, a group of developers gathered together to initiate the formation of an Association. 

In November 1958, the Singapore Land and Housing Developersí Association was founded and officially registered on March 30, 1959. The Founder-President was Mr Lee Kim Tah BBM(L).  

In the early sixties, come developers took advantage of the steep increase in demand for housing by collecting more advance payments than they should before the completion of their projects. No definite completion date or building specifications were incorporated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Complaints subsequently drove the government to control the activities of housing developers. 

The Association studied the proposals for the guidelines put forward by the authorities and recommended alternatives or changes. After much discussion and negotiation, the final form of the government legislation took shape in the form of the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act of 1965.  

Following this Act, there were others including those passed in 1973 and 1976, both not really to the advantage of the real estate Fraternity, but the Associationís concerted voice was heard again with whatever bearing it could bring on their final forms.

Meanwhile, the Association joined the Asia Pacific Real Estate Federation (APREF) in 1972. The APREF is an organisation devoted to regional co-operation among real estate developers in the Asia Pacific region. Our longest serving President, the late Mr Hanson Kwauk, was elected APREF President in 1974. In 1998, Mr Daniel Teo was elected APREF President for 2 years. 

As the Singapore economy continued to grow, housing developers extended their activities to building industrial and commercial spaces.  

To reflect the need for change in the industry and the determination to face challenges in the future, the Association was renamed Real Estate Developersí Association of Singapore (REDAS) in 1977.  

With the renaming, the objects and rules of the association were constituted and appropriately filed with the Registry of Societies. Please click to view the REDAS Constitution.   

The objectives were refined to in-corporate emphasis on building better quality properties, mechanisation of building methods and improving existing development schemes for the betterment of our society at large. The Association also aims to serve the interest of its members more effectively without necessarily infringing on the interests of the general public.   

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